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Roundup of the Favourite Posts – September

A day starts and ends then a week and a month. Time flies away unbelievably fast. Now we are at the end of another month and it is time to look back what we have done during September. You know we have started to pick up the best posts each month to summarise Sortrature for the ones who would like to revise our categories. Here you can find our monthly photo-newsletter and the links to read the entire articles below each photo.


garland-tutorials01Read more: Garland Tutorials

comic-collage-artRead more: Collage Art

movie-linesRead more: Movie Lines

baby-animalsRead more: Baby Animals

grumpy-disneyRead more: Grumpy Disney

halloween-makeupRead more: Halloween Makeup

halloween-wreath-tutorialsRead more: Halloween Wreath

halloween-treat-bagsRead more: Halloween Treat Bags

pumpking-decorating-tutorialsRead more: Pumpkin Decoration

refashion-old-bootsRead more: Refashion Old Boots

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