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Decorate Your Walls With Awesome Paintings

We all agree that neither the furniture nor the design is enough to reflect yourself without a personal touch on your home decoration. Adding something personal to your kitchen or bathroom can be done in many ways. One of the easiest way, which we believe is the most charming one, is using a painting. While browsing the Saatchi gallery, we found various types of paintings with all shades of colours and different moods that can suit any room. But when it comes to picking a painting for decoration, we should take the caracteristic of the place into consideration. For example, at home, the living room is the place where you welcome your guests, visitors or colleagues so it should enhance the emotional enthusiasm of the audience and make them enjoy the visit. And the dining room which is generally painted in bold colours and has chandeliers and overhead lights for lightening should have a painting which follows the same suit. For the kitchen, although still life paintings, photographic prints, classic artists’ replicas are highly chosen, paintings with dominant colours like red and green, and autumn&mountain landscapes also make good alternatives.
All in all paintings are the best for interior decorations and they add pleasantness to the rooms. So it is high time you looked for original art for sale to make a lasting impact on your home.


Marek Hospodarsky prefers oil on canvas, medium-large size. He’s interested in man and his secret relationship to higher forces and latent tendencies. Likewise, He is fascinated by the banality of life, relationships…01084086Credit: Marek Hospodarsky

LeMay constructs her images one detail at a time in a painter-like fashion. “Photo-Fusion”; a lengthy process during which hundreds of photographs are taken, light and visual properties attuned and each assembled to build one large composition.
01054056Credit: Ysabel LeMay

Yanyang Pan’s current work focuses on the contrasts found in Nature. Beauty and cruelty, its hostility and hospitality are at the foundation of her inquiry.
01044046Credit: Yangyang Pan

A Canadian lake, a red canoe gently moves through the clear water. The evening cooling as the sun dips down.

01094096Credit: Charlotte Evans

The memorial presence of the past takes many forms and serves many purposes, ranging from nostalgic longing for what is lost to polemical use of the past to reshape the present.
01114216Credit: Claire Moore

01064066Credit: Patricia Derks

“Couple in a common space” Jarek presents in his art the idea, that the life is a kind of movie or a game of illusion. The world is a playground, where different realities play with each other and the tension between them is just a starting point for his artistic research.
01074076Credit: Jarek Puczel

Jesùs Leguizamo is in his depictions of people erases and blurs that which defines the human being – the face. Through expressive brushstrokes, he creates compelling and memorable paintings which explore human fragility and how this can be expressed in the medium of paint.

01104106Credit: Jesùs Leguizamo

01034036Credit: Thomas Saliot

01014016Credit: Julien Spianti

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