What is The Trendy Entrepreneur Wearing in 2020?

If you are a freelance who has launched his own enterprise, you will obviously be a people person and when meeting colleagues or potential clients, it is important to project the right image. The digital age is very much an informal business ambience, as companies realise that slack rules about dress and punctuality actually make people more productive, so if you are uncomfortable in the traditional 3-piece business suit, you are in luck.

Here are a few fashion items that the 2020 entrepreneur will be wearing.

  1. Cross-Body Bags – Men are moving away from the traditional briefcase, and shoulder cross-body bags are most definitely in nest year. They emerged at the end on 2018 and have remained popular throughout 2019 and are expected to be seen on all the major catwalks, plus they are very function, with tailored pouches for smartphones and even small tablets.


  1. Flares – You might not have been born when flared trousers emerged in the 1970s, but don’t worry, as they have gone a complete circle and will be seen a lot more next year that this. The flare is not as wide as it was 50 years ago, but nevertheless, they will spread from the knees and one other noticeable difference from the hippy era is the upper trousers will not be as tight.
  2. The Polo Shirt – The polo shirt is ideal for a business environment, and if you search online, Marketiers have business polo shirts for sale that are both stylish and affordable, with a range of attractive colours and personalisation, business polo shirts are a great way of getting your message across. The polo shirt is ideal for any business environment, and shop staff can wear their company polo shirts with pride, while factory and warehouse workers are ideally suited for this smart but casual look. There are companies that will allow you to create your own unique style of polo shirt, ideal if you are also looking for promotional garments.


  1. Oversized Blazers – These will likely be revealed during next spring’s selections, with dark blues, greys and formal black, giving you the perfect casual but smart outdoor wear. Double-breasted with pastel colours will be a very popular combination, and with large inner pockets and a stylish handkerchief pocket, for that little bit of contrasting colour.


  1. Loose Size Suits – If you are going to wear a business suit, loose is best, with pinstripe grey and black, or a very dark brown or blue colour. Trousers that fold over the shoes are also in vogue, as long pant legs make a comeback, and with elegant creases and a pair of brown leather boots, you will look the part.


There are many benefits to sourcing your fashion clothing online, not least the average 10-15% savings you get, as the online garment retailer does not have the massive overheads of a traditional High Street store. Once you have found what you are looking for, proceed to the online checkout and your new garments will be delivered to your door, and you can get any better than that!


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