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The Essentials of Planning a Beautiful Winter Wedding

Everyone has their favourite season, and though most people prefer to get married in the summer, there are a number of advantages to getting married in the winter. For one, it’s often cheaper – venues and caterers often offer discounted prices for winter weddings.


But there’s also the aesthetic involved that a number of people are drawn to. The pure, white snow and idea of cozying up by the fire is often associated with romance. Winter weddings also tend to be more elegant and formal, which is perfect for a couple who wants to go all-out.

Are you drawn to the idea of planning your very own winter event? If so, here are some essentials you should consider.

Hearty Comfort Foods

One of the advantages of hosting your wedding in winter is that you can offer your guests delicious comfort foods that are rich and savoury without guilt. Hire an expert wedding caterer to design a menu that will warm your guests’ bellies with favourites like smoked squash soup, sous vide prime beef, truffle gnudi, and sweets like dark chocolate cake or sticky toffee pudding.

Ask your catering company to add a sweets bar that offers hot cocoa with marshmallows and baked goods for after your sit-down dinner. It’s the perfect way to end a romantic night.

Nature-Inspired Elegance

When it comes to your winter wedding décor let nature be your inspiration. Utilize whites in linens, drapery, and candles, to invoke the idea of a winter wonderland. Add touches of green with garlands and wreaths that are made with pine needles and cones, or other dark green foliage.

Flowers are typically white but you may find touches of red, particularly in the form of berries as an accent to bouquets. Some brides may prefer to use crystals in their theme to invoke the idea of the twinkling of snowflakes. In these cases a great idea is to use a cylinder, clear vase and place white branches in it that have strung crystals hanging off of them.

Dress to Impress

Winter weddings tend to be very traditional in terms of what the bridal party wears. Brides have their traditional white gowns with a cozy shawl (consider faux fur). Bridesmaids may wear burgundy red, grey, or navy blue dresses with their own matching shawl.

Grooms can stay classy in a black tux and bow-tie, or they may even opt for a dark grey – the groomsmen won’t be far off in style, but you can single out the groom by making him be the only one to wear a bow tie. You can also choose different coloured bow ties/ties depending on what you prefer.

Warm and Cozy

When choosing your wedding venue, make sure that it’s in a location that you can work with in regards to your theme. Look for something with large windows that will offer a view of a beautiful snowy landscape, or something that has a cozy fire place.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your preferences. Hopefully with these ideas you’ve got a start on the essentials of planning your winter wedding.

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