Royal Fashion: How do Duchesses and Princesses dress?

Royal Fashion: How do Duchesses and Princesses dress?

The times change dynamically, modernity seeps into almost every aspect of our lives, and we adapt to it with impressive ability. For a long time, the royal family members did not follow contemporary developments so quickly and adhered to relatively rigid rules of etiquette and behavior. An example of this clinging to tradition can be shown through the fashion of the royal court. How does a young princess dress and how does the duchess, her mother dress? With insightful and interesting royal documentaries, you can learn about such curiosities!

How do real princesses dress?

We can talk about how modern princesses dress, for example, by looking at the young princess Charlotte, Duchess Kate and Prince William’s daughter. Princess Charlotte has her own stylist, who has designed outfits for her from the first months of her life. According to the royal tradition, little princesses should wear dresses. It should be emphasized that there is no formal ban on wearing pants, but Princess Charlotte appears in public only in dresses – precisely out of respect for tradition. For the sake of balance, up to the age of 8, young princes are obliged to wear shorts during official appearances regardless of the weather outside. You can find more interesting facts about young princes and princesses’ lives in the original and insightful¬†royal documentaries!

Duchess Catherine’s style – is it worth following?

Duchess Catherine is undoubtedly considered a style icon and one of the best-dressed women in the world. Duchess Kate’s wardrobe is not random. She flawlessly picks its elements not only having in mind her figure, the time of year, and her dazzling beauty, but also with respect and reference to the tradition of the royal court. The Duchess always chooses very formal outfits for official meetings and never allows herself to be controversial in terms of her appearance. Duchess Kate wears clothes designed by famous fashion designers, but she is just as good at combining trendy clothes with classic, simple garments from mainstream fashion stores. Oftentimes, after Kate makes a public appearance in a new dress, clothing stores try to recreate the dress with similar, but more affordable, designs and materials to make it available to a broader audience.


How are the styles of Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte connected?

Little Princess Charlotte is always dressed with great taste and very neatly at formal ceremonies or gatherings. Duchess Kate cares about her daughter’s outfits, which are never too motley and are based on one or two primary colors. The young princess’ dresses often coincide with the colors worn by her mother. Accessories for little Charlotte’s outfits, such as the flower headband or the color of shoes always go well with the rest of her ensemble. Duchess Kate is equally keen on subdued accessories that wonderfully complement the styling.


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