How to Plan a Beach Wedding

A wedding plan and its execution is not a routine job. As a wedding is a memorable event for everyone, the event should be completed without unexpected problems and tension. Wedding events either on the beach or traditional weddings are associated with tiring efforts and headaches. Both types of wedding events require excellent planning and on-time execution of all steps involved.

If you have planned your wedding at the beach then it will be a good idea to get the job done by someone who is an expert in beach wedding management. Hollywood events are experts in managing events at beaches including weddings. They manage weddings at the beach with excellent plans and execution in a cost-effective manner.

Beach weddings can be easier to plan, economical and fun for everyone. Following is a guide line to manage a beach wedding.

  1. Selection of beach, traveling, and stay

The first step in planning a beach wedding is location. You can select beaches like Hollywood Florida beaches. Remember it should be within the reach of all guests. If you have planned a destination beach wedding then inform your guests well before the date. This will give time to start preparation. If it is a one-day trip only then no need for staying arrangements. In case of a destination wedding, consider a booking with a resort. Go for discount negotiations with resort management as you are staying with few guests. You can also hire the services of a traveling agency for traveling and stay but beach wedding Management Company can also handle this issue.

  1. Number of participants

It will be good to make a list of the guests. You and your partner should sit together and make a list of family members and close friends to be invited. A small number of guests will be economical in comparison with huge gatherings. The participants should be in the affordable count. If you and your partner are having large families then try to trim the list.

  1. Permission

Get permission for the wedding ceremony at the beach if required.

  1. Set design and décor

Beaches are windy, so, be careful and decide about décor that can withstand windy conditions. A sturdy décor is a good option. Don’t go for candles and light decorations.

  1. Beach wedding attire

Your dress should be according to the weather but it should be lighter. Choose the dress that gives you an airy feel. It will be better to get a weather forecast before traveling. Avoid wearing long heels shoes. It will be a good idea to carry a shoe rack along with you where guests can put their shoes and enjoy the beach because nobody likes to wear shoes on the sand for a long period.

  1. Sitting arrangement

Select your beach wedding date on those days when beaches are not crowded. This will provide you enough privacy and will also avoid uninvited guests. Your ceremonial time is short, so, don’t go for long sitting arrangements with nice seats. Arrange aluminum folding chairs or wooden benches on the sand.  The stage should also be simple due to the windy condition.

  1. Rent a canopy

Canopy can give protection against rain and exposure to direct heat. You can decorate the canopy with mini lights and silk flowers.

  1. Reception

Make the reception cost-effective by arranging simple snacks with cold drinks. You can also arrange for appetizers at the beach. Another option is to order a pizza. Everybody likes pizza and it is economical than a fancy meal.

  1. Additional arrangements

You can hire the services of a photographer for few hours. A video film recorder’s services can also be obtained. Sunscreen and insect repellants can also be helpful.

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