6 Tips to Elevate Your Next Cruise Experience

A cruise is a great travel option for families, couples or solo travelers looking for a relaxing, yet adventure-filled vacation.

Whether it’s your first experience on the open waters or you’re a cruising pro, read up on these tips to prepare for and plan a fun, safe and affordable cruise experience.

1. Get Friendly with the Staff

The cabin stewards, servers, bartenders and other staff work extremely hard to make sure your experience is perfect. Taking a few minutes to get friendly with the staff and exchanging warm greetings will make your experience even better. In fact, you might find a sweet treat waiting in your cabin, extra attentiveness at dinner or a generously poured glass of champagne at the bar.

2. If Possible, BYOB

Some cruise lines allow you to bring a few bottles of liquor or wine to enjoy on the ship. This could be a great alternative or a supplement to the drink packages offered by most cruise lines. However, be aware of corking fees if you decide to enjoy your adult beverages outside of your stateroom.

3. Take Excursions and Explore

Cruises are about finding a balance between enjoying your time on the ship and taking excursions to explore new destinations. Knowing this, don’t turn down opportunities to go on local excursions, especially if you’re visiting remote areas by sea on one of any number of 2019 Alaskan cruises. While out and about, keep an eye on the time and be back on the ship before scheduled departure.

4. Enjoy Some Poolside Lounging

If you’re embarking on a cruise in a warm climate, you’ll no doubt spend plenty of time lounging poolside. To elevate your lounge game, reserve your lounge chairs early before the prime poolside seats are taken. Then, use a clip to prevent your towel from blowing off your chair and across the lido deck.

Lastly, pack a spare tote bag for all of your lounging essentials so you don’t have to run back and forth between your cabin and the pool. Your tote bag should have sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a book and headphones, among other necessities.

5. Bring Your Own Pharmacy

If you forget something, it’s likely you can buy it on the cruise ship or while out on an excursion. But be mindful of prices on cruise ships and be prepared with your own toiletries and medications when possible. Bring your own sunscreen, ibuprofen, cold and allergy medicine and any prescription medicine.

If you think you’ll be prone to seasickness, come prepared with any prescription medicine from your doctor, as well as any over-the-counter medicine and anything ginger (candy, tea, gum, soda), which tends to ease upset stomachs.

6. Take Advantage of the Offered Activities

You’ll be spending most days off the ship on excursions, but you should also take advantage of activities, seminars and events on the cruise ship. If you’re traveling with kids, look into the kids and teen club schedule for endless entertainment. For adults in your party, consider hitting up the club, a comedy show or other performances that are scheduled in the evenings.

Kick Back and Relax Aboard the Ship

A cruise is a great opportunity to travel to multiple destinations in a stress-free and relaxed manner. By following these tips, you are guaranteed to be prepared for a budget-friendly yet enjoyable cruise experience!

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