Hot Fashion Tips for 2020

We all like to look our best, and with fashion trends changing like the wind, the fashion-conscious woman of today is always looking at future trends. If you would like a glimpse of the catwalks next spring and summer, we are covering some of the accessories you will see on the catwalk models and the Hollywood A-List actresses.

  1. Prints – Animal and other prints are still popular today and will be as we move into 2020, with leopard and tiger prints being very favoured, while rich colours is the order of the day, using synthetic materials.
  2. Flared Jeans – It’s the 1970s once again, although the fashion gurus predict the flare will be less prominent than it was way back when, and with online solutions, you can easily source any garments or accessories to complete your look. The patchy, bleached denim is still as popular as last year, and expect to see a lot more embroidery next summer, with flowery designs, much like almost 50 years ago.


  1. The Silk Scarf – This timeless accessory has been on the hit list for a few years already, and with a great spring collection, Victoria Ragna silk scarves will be very much in evidence. Once you find their website, you can browse the wide range of colours and designs, and their stunning scarves are a combination of the finest silk, wool and cashmere. Scarves offer diverse wearing options and silk is a material that flows, helping to create a natural look, while adding some colour and texture to your look.


  1. Neon Brights – Much like the 1980s, neon is making a comeback, with snazzy handbags and hats that add that touch of deep colour. Expect to see neon belts, shoulder bags and sun-shaders, as we move from spring to summer and glow-in-the-dark items are ideal for those evening beach parties.


  1. Lycra Biker Shorts – Figure hugging and extremely comfortable to wear, biker shorts are all the rage, with deep colours and bold patterns, and who knows? Purchasing a few pairs might trigger you to take up cycling as a hobby.


  1. Denim Accessories –While jeans are still popular, so are denim accessories, and there will be personalised denim bags and laptop cases in all the trendy fashion shows. We could say that denim is making a comeback, but it has never left the popular list and will continue to be seen for at least another year. It blends well with the rugged, windswept look that women like, and development in denim production has brought in some new aspects.


  1. Hair Extensions – Micro bead human hair extensions will be very popular, while clip-ons are ideal for that single event, and the micro bead weaving technique gives you around 6 months of trouble-free use.


If you would like a heads up of what is in next year, search online for some respected fashion mags and they will no doubt be able to reveal some trade secrets. If you order from online boutiques, you can find designer name accessories at very affordable prices, and with a secure online payment, the items are dispatched to your home address.


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