Fun Time: Make Your Own Play Dough

Do you know the cheapest but the most playful gift for kids? Or let me ask the question in a different way. How can you get your kids involved in a crafts project and make their own toy in the end? I know there are various answers to this question but today’s answer is DIY play dough. By using multiple colors and glitters, you can make all kinds of play dough that can be used to create every kind of shape and object. Making your own play dough at home for kids is a great project, especially for crafting with young kids.

homemade-play-dough07Recipe: modernparentsmessykids

homemade-play-dough05Recipe: kojo-designs

homemade-play-dough01Recipe: kristanlynn

homemade-play-dough03Recipe: littlemonsterbaby

homemade-play-dough04Recipe: mommypotamus

homemade-play-dough06Recipe: fairydustteaching

homemade-play-dough08Recipe: craftstorming

homemade-play-dough10Recipe: familysponge

homemade-play-dough09Recipe: colourfulpalate

homemade-play-dough02Recipe: rustsunshine

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