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Fashion DIY: Make a Tunic

Never think that tunics are only maternity clothes. They are an essential part of your wardrobe, suitable for casual wear as well as parties and concerts. They also make the perfect combination with leggings which are still in fashion. You can either buy them from shops or design your own tunic at home. By the help of easy tutorials, most of them are as simple as choosing fabric and cutting. No sewing involved! Take your scissors and design your own fashion.


diy-tunic07Tutorial: frecklesinapril

diy-tunic03Tutorial: frecklesinapril

diy-tunic06Tutorial: mygrowinghome

diy-tunic08Tutorial: sewcountrychick

diy-tunic05Tutorial: prudentbaby

diy-tunic10Tutorial: transientexpression

diy-tunic11Tutorial: urbanthreads

diy-tunic09Tutorial: leafytreetopspot

diy-tunic01Tutorial: vivatveritas

diy-tunic02Tutorial: annamariahorner

diy-tunic04Tutorial: prudentbaby

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