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DIY Elbow Patch Tutorials to Jazz Up Your Closet

When I reached for my closet today hoping to find something different to dress up, All I could find were a couple of not old but the same pullovers and cardigans that I bought last year. Having worn them so often already, I realized it was high time for them to be jazzed up. It is obvious that when it comes to refashion, the options are endless. Adding buttons here and there or some handmade flowers (as you can see in the first photo) always work to spice up a piece of cloth that you get bored of. Among all other possible ways, we chose elbow patch which can be applied easily before winter comes. No sew, felt patch is the one that I’m gonna try as I have lots of leftover felt from my previous projects.


cardiganPhoto Credit: tatertotsandjello

denim01Tutorial: delightfullydainty

elbow pathcesTutorial: craftedincarhartt

FeltTutorial: ohbrady

for cardigansTutorial: tattooedmartha

laceTutorial: needleandnestdesign

leatherTutorial: onelittlemomma

needle feltedTutorial: lefiligree

patchTutorial: brit

sequin heartTutorial: swellmayde

sequinTutorial: made2style

sweaterTutorial: dormify

valentineTutorial: oxfam

triangleTutorial: monampersand

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