5 Knitting Projects You Can Make With a Single Yarn Skein

Maybe this happens to you too: you buy, or are gifted, single skeins of yarn that languish in your craft drawer for months because you don’t know what to make with them. You wanted to make that cute fall sweater you saw on social media, but one skein definitely won’t cut it.

Or maybe – and this happens to everyone at some point – you just can’t afford a lot of yarn right now. A single skein is all you have room for in the budget.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to have a few one-skein ideas up your proverbial sleeve, patterns or inspirations that turn a little yarn into a big result. Bear in mind, of course, that your mileage with a skein varies on the types, thickness and (of course) the length.

In this article, you’ll find five knitting ideas that work with the majority of skeins, from thick wool to fine cotton yarn in hundreds of colors and styles.

A Headband

What could be simpler than knitting circle, yet the knitted headband transcends its simplicity, making for a fantastic fall and winter accessory that – bonus! – keeps your hair from flying everywhere. Try a simple seed stitching for a textured wool headband, or a floral pattern for a little flair. You can find a number of headband ideas here.

A Dishcloth

Who says it has to be for wearing? Often, household objects like cloths are treated as disposable, replaced every couple months, when in fact a well-made dishcloth can last a very long time. It’s a much more eco-friendly way of stocking your kitchen supply drawer. They’re also super simple to make (they’re essentially just a square), as evidenced by this helpful YouTube video. The pattern in question even nets you a couple dishcloths per skein.


Obviously, check the pattern before starting with a single skein, but many – if not most – gloves can be accomplished with one. Start now with last year’s leftover skeins, or buy a single skein online, and you’ll have a warm pair of gloves greeting you when the winter weather hits.

A Chunky Scarf

There is no shortage of one-skein scarf patterns for crochet or knit. They’re a great beginner project, too, if you are new to knitting and want to test your enthusiasm with a single ball of yarn. Try the ever-popular infinity scarf, or something a little more classic, a ribbed scarf.

Some Hats

No, you probably won’t get a large, tight-knit hat from a skein of thin yarn, but there definitely are hats you can make with just one. The hat or beanie is the quintessential do-it-yourself knitted item, and always gets a lot of positive comments when you wear it out. Plus, if you’re feeling in a giving mood, a knitted beanie makes for a fantastic and thoughtful Christmas gift. Just be sure to start soon!

Your single skeins of yarn are doing you no good by sitting there and collecting dust. Even if a single skein is all you have, or all you can afford right now, there are thousands of awesome patterns to tackle.

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