Women: Here is What You will Need to Wear in 2021

Women: Here is What You will Need to Wear in 2021

If we talk about large bottom pants and bags with fringes, you will think about a seventies look. The pretty little foulard covering a girl’s hair or placed around her neck? Definitely fifties’ style. The knee-high boots, adding sensuality? Sixties, no doubt! And the oversized shoulder pads on jackets and the bright colour leathers will remind you of the eighties. So why are we mentioning all of these, for a fashion article in 2021? Because they are all back! Here is what you need in your wardrobe this year.

Furs come out in Style

Fur is brought back, one more time, as a new generation embraces its beauty. It will be impossible to miss them, as they will pop up in the most unconventional colours you can imagine, from blue to red and yellow. But what you will want to have in your wardrobe, to show how in-tune you are with fashion, is that chinchilla fur coat, everyone will desire, this year.

Wear it with Knee-high Boots

If you want to get noticed, the one element you will need to add to that chinchilla fur coat, are white knee-high boots. No wonder they were popular in the sixties, as they could be found on all dance floors, worn by what was called the gogo girl dancers, at the time. They are a symbol of women’s revolution, which speaks even louder now, especially in white, as they can’t be missed! Sleek and sexy? No doubt about it!

Folk Coats and Bags with Fringes

The year 2021 in fashion is not made for the faint of heart or shy girls. Complementing your dress with a long-fringes bag, will get you notice under any circumstances. Feeling a little rock-y tonight? This will be the perfect compliment to your state of mind. But if you want to look relaxed and not too worried about being sexy, then put on a folk coat. That will attract nature lovers and a few hippy cats as well.

Pop Some Electric Blue on You

Accessories are what can make or break your outfit. Especially this season, as they are meant to be seen. Electric blue is not an understatement kind of colour, so wear it proudly or don’t wear it at all. You can always decide to go for other shades of blue, marine blue being a classic, which will be popular as well, this summer, again. Look for blue handbags as well as head scarves in the same tones.

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