What to Plan for When You’re Planning a Baby Shower

Congratulations are in order for your loved one who’s about to have a baby. If you find yourself in the position of having to plan a baby shower, but are at a loss on how to start, or worse, haven’t had to plan one before, then you’ll need a few tips to get you through the planning phase.

If you’ve planned a party before, then it isn’t much different, so don’t fret. If you have yet to plan a shower before, then you’re about to have a whole lot of fun, as long as you combat against the stress of trying to make every bit of it perfect. Though a baby shower is an important part of your loved one’s journey toward motherhood, that doesn’t mean the party has to be serious or even too proper, though you’ll want to make sure the woman you’re planning for feels the love from all attendees.

Don’t forget about the gifts! That’s one of the most important aspects of the baby shower. You’ll want your loved one to be as prepared as possible when their little one arrives. To facilitate a successful shower, follow these crucial steps.

  1. Decor

Setting the ambiance for the party will be of the utmost importance. Depending on what your loved one’s preference is, you’ll want to decorate according to that. For instance, your pregnant loved one could be more into a classy affair, with tasteful decorations that aren’t too loud. If that’s the case, then you don’t want to go too overboard with the balloons. However, they may be completely okay for a very loud, very colorful shower, with tons of colors, balloons, confetti, and colored lights (if the said shower is in the evening). For a bit of a twist, your loved one might be into something totally out of the box. They may be more comfortable celebrating the impending birth with something that feels authentically them. Perhaps they’d rather have an intimate setting or something contrary to the traditional baby shower setting. If you really know your loved one, you’ll likely know what they’d prefer. If you’re not sure if they’d like a surprise, talk it over with them, so they know what to expect, or so they can have some input on how you’re going to set things up.

  1. Activities

One of the best parts of the baby shower is the activities. We really don’t implement games on special occasions as much as we should. If you’re wondering what activities you should coordinate into the event, then you should know there are tons of options out there for baby shower games. For extra creative flair, you can even create your own. For reference, here’s a list of some common baby shower games that are almost always crowd-pleasers.

  • Guess Who?

This game is fun for everyone attending. Everyone who attends should bring with them a baby photo of themselves. Eventually, each guest will match which baby picture goes with each guest. Either you can sit down and do so altogether, or the photos can be posted around the venue with a guessing list underneath. The person with the correct guesses wins the game.

  • Don’t Say ‘Baby’

This game is another great one to facilitate your guests interacting with each other. When the guests arrive, they should receive five items that can easily be attached to them and easily taken away. Traditionally played with clothespins, you can use whatever item you think will be the easiest or the most fun. Anytime someone can be heard saying ‘baby’ throughout the party, the guest who hears them can take a clothespin (or whichever item you’ve chosen to use) away. The person who has the most clothespins at the end of the shower is the winner.

  • Wishes for Baby

This game can be as sentimental or as funny as you want it to be. Each guest will write down wishes they have for the baby they are celebrating (or for the parents), and they will be read off. Everyone will then vote for their favorite wish, and the person who wrote it will receive a prize.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can look up a list of baby games and try to experiment with them to make it your own. You can also try designing a whole new game for your guests to enjoy.

  1. Treats and Cake

Another significant factor at a baby shower is the cake. Some people take the cake very seriously and present something lovely and displayable. You can also try your hand at humor and customize the cake to fit your loved one’s personality. Many people use body cakes at baby showers, to represent the soon to be mother’s changing body. Whatever you do, try to make the cake special for the person you’re celebrating. Don’t just buy something at the grocery store! This baby’s impending birth will only happen once.

As far as snacks go, you can go as big or small as you’d like. For a fancier affair, you may want to have finger sandwiches and have the party catered if you have the means and want to save yourself a lot of time. For a healthier spread, you can provide lots of fruits and vegetables, hummus, dips, and spreads. If you want to have something baby-themed, you can try soft foods and riffs of baby food. If you really want to go for it, everything can be made into a miniature!

  1. Gifts

Gifts are also an essential part of the baby shower. Set out some time during the party to unwrap gifts. Alternatively, because baby showers usually accumulate a ton of gifts for the expectant mother, all the gifts might be overwhelming to unwrap all at once. For privacy reasons, the shower’s subject might also want to unwrap presents away from a crowd, so no one is embarrassed. If you’re struggling with your own gift after all this planning, try Bitsy Bug Boutique clothing.

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