Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gift Etiquette

Once the date of a wedding has been set and you receive your invitation, you most likely begin to think about money. How much to spend on transportation if you need to travel, what to give for a wedding gift when you are a bridesmaid, accommodation and other such items.

You might also consider how much to spend on a wedding gift, what gift to buy, when to buy it, is it okay to give cash or check for a wedding gift and also, how many occasions you would need to buy gifts for. All of these types of questions have sufficient answers within the expert insight of the ultimate wedding gift etiquette, which we have carefully detailed for your consumption.

This guide will help you decipher the average wedding gift cost, among other things. If you are a close family of the couple, at the end of this guide it would be easy for you to decide how much to spend on something even as little as a ring box. Therefore, if you are going wedding gift shopping, be sure to make a stop here first to start your gifting process and create your wedding gift calculator.

How much should you give?

This happens to be a slightly difficult decision for a lot of wedding guests, considering how much goes into other aspects of attending the wedding. So you wonder how much should I spend on a wedding in total, and out of this, how much should be allocated to gift buying. The amount spent should be decided based on your relationship to the couple. If they are close family or friends, then you can afford to go all out. If they are work colleagues or even just acquaintances, then give sparingly. Either way, be sure to stay within your budget. In general wedding etiquette, it is advised not to spend less than $50 for an appropriate gift, but again this should be determined by your overall budget for the wedding. The average amount spent on gift giving varies generally between $100 to $125 depending on your closeness to the couple and your overall expense for the wedding. Close friends and family have been known to spend more.

How much should close friends and family give for a wedding gift

For close family and friends of the couple, questions like, how much should parents give for a wedding gift or how much to spend on a wedding gift for a sibling come up. While it is paramount to stay within your budget, the ideal amount for gift giving for close friends and family is usually at least $127. This also applies when thinking what does maid of honor give as a wedding gift or how much should best man give at a wedding. Please also note that the average wedding gift costs roughly $106.

When is the best time for gift giving?

While some experts believe it is best to give gifts after the wedding for convenience, gifts are generally given before the wedding. Wedding gift policy allows for gift giving within the three months before or after the wedding. Anything beyond three months would be seen as too long after or too early before.

How to give a wedding money gift

While some people are keen on gift giving for weddings, some others prefer to give money to the couple. Also, several couples who already have an established home and live together, set up a registry cash fund since they would have more use for money than gifts for their home. In this case, it would be appropriate to give money as a gift and some guests wonder how to give cash as a wedding gift creative. Do you slip it in a wedding gift note or give a wedding gift cheque, also in this case is 200 enough for a wedding gift or is 150 enough for a wedding gift? The amount is mostly dependent on your relationship with the couple, also you can use our first point as a guide. As for how to give, money gifts have recently become popular and most couples make this option available on their website or through the registry for guests so be sure to look there.

Wedding plus one who pays

Bringing a date to a wedding means considering that your hosts would be entertaining an extra guest. This would also mean considering spending a little more on your wedding gift. If you are wondering the wedding gift etiquette with a plus one, you could ask your date if they would like to contribute to the gift. This would help you better plan the perfect gift for the occasion.

Must you bring a gift to the bridal shower?

Bridal showers involve gift giving to the bride-to-be or even to the couple if it is a combined shower. If you are invited to the shower and you are wondering if you have to spend more on this, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You have a budget for the wedding, it is completely reasonable to stay within your budget and give a small but also meaningful gift priced within the range you already had in mind. Combine this with a heartfelt card and you are good to go.

How much to spend on wedding gift out of town

If you were invited, but unable to attend due to being out of town, it is most proper to send a wedding gift. And if you’re wondering the wedding gift etiquette not attending, this would depend heavily on your relationship with the couple. Therefore, if you have been out of touch with each other for a considerable length of time or have no money for a wedding gift, you can simply decline the invitation and send a heartfelt and lovely handwritten gift card for a wedding present. If you do decide to send a gift, you can spend less than you would have if you were attending. 

Should You Buy a gift if you were not invited? 

If you were not invited to the wedding, you are not obliged to send a gift. However if you still intend to send a gift and you’re wondering how much to spend on a wedding gift for coworker not invited, then perhaps spend a bit less than you would have if you were attending. This means within your budget, and less or more than $50, depending on what you can afford.

How long do I have after the wedding to get the couple a wedding gift?

Some people still give gifts within a year after the joining of the couple. However this time is quite lengthy, and usually, the sooner you can give your gifts, the better. No one wants to be unwrapping gifts months on end after the occasion and after all of the excitement that came with it has worn off.

General Wedding Gifts Tips

–       Use the wedding registry

If the couple has a registry, use it. This is the best method for figuring out what the couple wants and needs. It also helps with the indecision on what to buy as a gift and which would be within your budget. While you are not obliged to use the registry, it is a great source for wedding gift ideas if you choose to buy a gift outside of the registry.

–       Be sure to set a total budget

There are quite a few occasions leading up to a wedding and you might attend every single one of them. While you might be tempted to break the bank on a gift for each occasion, it is advisable to set a budget to keep you in check and figure out your average wedding gift total. Create a budget for the entire wedding, and the split is among different occasions accordingly.

–       Your relationship with the couple is a good yardstick

When considering what to get as a gift for the couple, use your relationship as a determining factor. If you are close enough to the couple to wonder what sibling wedding gift amount would be appropriate or what wedding gift from bridesmaid to bride to give, then try to budget well in advance for their gift. If you are however not close to the couple, then spend what you can at that moment and find something special within your budget.

–       Destination weddings

If you have been invited to a destination wedding, you will have to take all the extra expenses into consideration when creating your budget. Money spent on flights, accommodation and even feeding should be taken into account and will affect the budget for your gift as well. The couple is likely to understand if they receive a slightly less pricey gift from you when they consider all you must have spent to celebrate with them. For destination weddings always give at a financial level which you are comfortable with.

It is normal for lots of questions to cross your mind when you are thinking of how much to spend on a wedding gift. If you are close to the bride and groom and want to gift them separately, you might wonder the cost for an average wedding gift per couple. If you have decided to buy them jewelry you would surely consider how much do you spend on a wedding ring. Whatever you choose and however much you decide to spend, be sure to create a budget and stay within its limits. Use the wedding registry as a guide, and keep in mind your other expenses for the wedding. If you are searching for more ideas on wedding gift etiquette, try searching ‘how much to spend on wedding gift reddit’. 

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