Top Kitchen Designs In 2020

Top Kitchen Designs In 2020

While this year’s ongoing pandemic forces us to stay at home, it also admittedly opens our eyes to a number of home-styling opportunities.

One of these opportunities is having to redesign/remodel/restore your kitchen for a new look.


It would be impossible to do this without encountering a few problems down the road like messy output; wasted time energy, and money; high costs; and, a lot more.

Luckily for you, I will list down all the top kitchen designs in 2020 in this article.

If you read this to the last word, you’ll get wider options for your kitchen. As a bonus, you’ll also get to realize these designs with minimal problems.

So, keep reading…

Why Should I Redesign My Kitchen?

The following are possible reasons why you should consider redesigning your kitchen now:

  1. Your kitchen is deprived of natural sunlight so that it needs artificial lighting, rocketing up electric costs in the process.
  2. You can’t work properly in your kitchen because it is too small to accommodate a growing household, or possibly is aging and beginning to break down.
  3. Older or faulty wiring makes up your kitchen power system and can not handle the load of additional or existing appliances. The only way to correct the wiring is to get into the structure behind cabinets and inside of walls.
  4. The overall mood, tone, and characteristic of your kitchen has become worn out through the years.

Note: Before you take your favorite kitchen design, it is important that you assess your kitchen priorities by asking yourself this: what do I gain after I redesign my kitchen this year.

You also have to consider certain factors (outside of budget) like the inconveniences the renovation causes in the home.

Once you’ve decided on this, then it’s time to check out our hottest kitchen designs in 2020!Ready?

Top Kitchen Designs in 2020

Here are the top kitchen designs in 2020:

Design 1- Color-Up

  • Brighter colors as accents
  • Mostly permanent colors committed for long time layering and thus, requiring proper selections (professionally advised)
  • Can go over the top when it comes to shading
  • Best done when colors are painted on walls

Design 2- Rich, Dark Walnut

  • Gives rich colors and tone from that of a walnut, promoting natural lighting circulation
  • Usually of cabinetry
  • Reflects light
  • Luxurious-looking
  • Smooth-grained
  • Best for kitchens where heavy cooking happens

Design 3- Marble Luxury

  • Gives luxurious feel
  • Requires bright-colored and veined marble surfaces
  • Requires re-tiling of the kitchen

Design 4- Kitchen Larders/Pantry as a Centerpiece

  • Requires positioning the kitchen larder as focal point in the area
  • Brighter shade, but darker tone on the larder frames
  • Turns larder as the main cupboard anchor
  • Can be accented with kitchen cabinets.


Design 5- Terra Cotta Neutral-Hued Tiles

  • Usually handmade tiles
  • Subdued shade, but with richer tone
  • Natural, earthy hue


Revamping the kitchen is a good deal of effort for 2020!

New ideas and design styles to consider when redesigning a kitchen continue to come out daily and are not showing any signs of stopping.

These top kitchen designs in 2020 are just a small selection of the wide range of possibilities for creating your new dream kitchen.



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