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The Most Common Reasons for Addiction


The average person doesn’t understand how or why a person ends up addicted to drugs. We step back and say to ourselves, “I would never want to live that way.” Nine times out of ten, if you would have asked the addict before their drug use if they want to be an addict, they would have the same response as a non-addict.

Quite naturally, if you know someone with a drug problem, you want to help and support them to stop the drug use. To detox thc can be the best solution. However, before anyone can help a loved one detox, they must know the reasons why the person is struggling with addiction.

1. Genetics

Genetics is a significant factor in all of us, and that includes whether or not you’re susceptible to addiction. Due to genetic vulnerability, an individual is at higher risk of drug problems if their parent(s) are substance abusers.

2. Their personality

For some, this can fall under genetics. However, environment plays a huge factor in your character. Being an impulsive person, which can start in childhood, is a personality trait that’s often been identified as a risk factor for those who suffer from substance abuse. People with addictive personalities have trouble self-regulating, so it’s easier for them to get caught in patterns of improper conduct and misbehavior. Another problem that arises is there’s a preference for instant gratification without thinking of the consequences, which can lead to long-term problems with addiction.

3. Self-medicating

Originally published in 1985, the self-medicating is a theory of addiction that focuses on how and why individuals suffer from addiction, and suggests that a sense of emotional suffering is the root of addictive disorders. This theory is often debated as not being a single reason but being in conjunction with other problems.

4. The state of feeling lonely

Majority of addicts lack positive human connection. Studies that were done on people as young as infants show the adverse effects of not having constant positive human interaction. When an individual lacks that stimulation and feels lonely, they often resort to drugs and other risky activities like multiple sex partners as a way of self-medicating, as stated in the previous reason.

5. Society or cultural attitudes

Simply put, if you surround yourself with individuals who use drugs, then there’s a strong chance that eventually you will, too. That’s why in early childhood, it’s important that parents monitor who their children associate with. If you see them associating with someone who could be a negative influence on them, then the relationship needs to be severed.

6. Poor choices

No sets out to be an addict. Often, it’s a combination of the above, mixed with making poor decisions that ultimately create an addict. It usually starts with a gateway drug like marijuana and snowballs, and then gets into more addictive drugs. Often, the person using the drugs doesn’t see it coming. When a person continues to make poor choices, the result is an addiction.

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