Simple Ways You Can Last Longer in Bed According to the Experts

Having a healthy sex life with your partner is one of the main pillars of a successful relationship. Many relationships fail when one or both partners feel frustrated by their sex lives and avoid communicating or dealing with such issues. More often than not, the problem is that sex does not last long enough and it often leaves one partner frustrated and unsatisfied. To avoid this problem it is important that one communicates the issue with their partner and follow some of these expert tips that can help prolong the duration of sexual encounters and prevent any frustration.

Take Things Slow

Sexual encounters are not just about penetration to reach an orgasm. Taking things slow and enjoying the pleasure of some foreplay before penetration can actually make a huge difference and help everyone get to the perfect state of climax with no disappointments. You can also take things slow when thrusting during penetrative sex where waiting and gradually thrusting every few seconds can make all the difference in the world. The key element in taking things slow in a way that would make sex more pleasurable for everyone is through communicating your thoughts and feelings with your partner. This way, you can both learn about what the other person likes and when they are close to reaching climax for a pleasurable experience to you both.

Use Numbing Spray

A lot of the time the issue that causes frustration in bed is premature ejaculation in men. This is a very common issue that concerns many couples and can destroy this sex life if not dealt with effectively. As seen at, using a numbing spray before penetrative sex can be the magical cure to the issue of premature ejaculation, leading to longer sex encounters and everyone having a pleasurable experience. The spray basically delays ejaculation by numbing the nerve endings that get stimulated too quickly leading to premature ejaculation. Make sure you use the spray wisely as too much of it can mean lasting too long and too little of it would be useless.

Switch Positions

Sometimes the issue causing sex to be too short is that it gets boring and average. To help with this issue and help both partners last longer in bed and enjoy their time, it might be worth a shot to try and switch positions every too often. This does not just mean switching positions per sexual encounter; you can also switch into several positions in one sexual encounter to spice things up and eliminate the element of boredom. Talk to your partner about their preferred positions and reach a common ground to a few that you would both be comfortable with and enjoy to help you last longer in bed.

Be in the Moment

Many couples, especially during the early stages of the relationship, get too nervous or too into their head about performing well in bed that they end up messing things up and lasting only a few minutes. To avoid this issue and work towards lasting longer during sex, you should try to be more in the moment and work on your mindfulness to be able to focus on a better sexual experience where everyone leaves satisfied. You can start by focusing more on pleasuring your partner at first so that you can build more performance confidence then work your way from there.

Exercise More

It might not seem like it to many people, but exercising and yoga can actually go a long way in helping you last longer in bed and performing even better than you regularly would. Not only does exercising help regulate your blood flow leading to stronger erections and more pleasure, but it can also strengthen the male’s pelvic floor which would mean delaying ejaculation for longer periods of pleasure for both partners. Exercising does not have to be anything too extreme or vigorous. Simple pilates and yoga can go a long way in improving your sex life, even better when you exercise together as a couple.

Performing exceptionally well in bed and lasting for long periods is something that concerns many couples. It can be the cause of much frustration and disappointment or even break down some relationships. Working towards a better and healthier sex life comes from communicating all your thoughts and feelings with your partner so that you can both share a better experience and get the satisfaction you want. If you feel like something is still wrong with your sex life then it might be worth visiting a physician to consult with them and get professional medical advice.

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