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Make a splash! DIY Summer Sandals and Flip-Flops

Flip-flops and sandals are summer’s favorite shoes because they are cheap and can be so cute. You can show off your toes nicely with the unique flip-flops you designed yourself.We have here a list of DIY summer flip flops over which we are sure you will want to try.


diy-sandal-flip-flop02source: sassysanctuary

diy-sandal-flip-flop03source: cutoutandkeep

diy-sandal-flip-flop04source: tawnybee

diy-sandal-flip-flop05source: ispydiy

diy-sandal-flip-flop06source: sincerelykinsey

diy-sandal-flip-flop08source: themotherhuddle

diy-sandal-flip-flop07source: themotherhuddle

diy-sandal-flip-flop01source: chic-steals

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