John Lasseter, Skydance Animation, and Spin Master: A Partnership That Will Thrill Animation Fans Everywhere

In a move that’s sure to delight children – as well as the adults that love them – Skydance Animation and Spin Master have teamed up to release a new toy that will be based on the new original film, Spellbound. With the work of the beloved director, writer, and producer John Lasseter, fans can expect to see a product line that includes mini-dolls, vehicles, and fashion dolls.

Spellbound: A Star-Studded Musical Fantasy

Slated to be released on Apple TV+, Spellbound is an animated musical fantasy that centers on Eileen, a teenage girl. As she comes of age, Eileen must use her magical powers when her kingdom is threatened by the opposing forces of darkness and light.

Vicky Jenson, who directed Shrek, will also be filling that role with Spellbound. Linda Woolverton, who scripted Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, as well as Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, who wrote Mulan, combined their talents to write Spellbound.

Alan Menken is a musical legend in his own right who penned the score for Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and other beloved Disney classics. For Spellbound, he’ll be joined by Glenn Slater, the lyricist of Tangled, as well as Frozen music producer Chris Montan.

John Lasseter, whose beloved films from Disney include the Toy Story and Cars franchises, as well as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, The Incredibles, and Monsters, Inc., is focusing his talents on the animation of Spellbound. Like his first pairing with Skydance Animation, Luck, Spellbound is the result of a highly anticipated gathering of industry greats, including actresses, producers, writers, directors, and much more.

Skydance Animation and John Lasseter

Skydance Animation is a partnership between Ilion Animation Studios, which is based in Madrid, and Skydance Media. It’s the result of a multi-year venture that began in 2017. The studio hired John Lasseter in 2019, and things kicked into high gear.

While the COVID-19 pandemic put some kinks in the release and distribution of the studio’s first film, Luck, the team collaborated in innovative ways to minimize the length of the delay. Apple TV+ has exclusive streaming rights to the films Skydance Animation releases.

Skydance Animation and Spin Master Partnership

While Spellbound is the first film to be included in the Skydance Animation and Spin Master partnership, it is slated to be far from the only one. The renowned children’s entertainment company will be developing related toy lines for all future films produced by Skydance Animation.

With a beloved animator like John Lasseter at the helm of films like Spellbound, it was crucial to partner with a company that is dedicated to both attention to detail and quality. While children and their families enjoy streaming films like Spellbound into their living rooms, they can also look forward to extending the animation adventure with innovative worlds and fantastical characters.

Children are naturally drawn to fantasy through their imaginative play. With the addition of high-quality Spellbound toys, they’ll be able to build on the scenes they see in the film in their own homes. Adults will be thrilled at how Spellbound and its charming toy line will tap into the creative and playful nature that marks childhood.

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