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Homemade Soap Tutorials

If you are a fan of organic living, then you should read this post. Soap making at home has become so popular among chemical-free life supporters. Unlike other diy projects, this one can be a little dangerous unless you have the preliminary information and the neccessary precautions as it includes a chemical process, you will see in the tutorials. After the prep stage, fun time begins. Supply soap-making kits and other organic bulk ingredients, select the oils depending on your taste and choose one of the recipes below to get started.



cold processTutorial: offbeatandinspired

crockpotTutorial: crockpot365

scentedTutorial: giftypedia

veganTutorial: frugallysustainable

lemonTutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

makingTutorial: lookhunting

Milled SoapTutorial: makezine

OatmealTutorial: katiejgibson

cucumberTutorial: soaprecipes101

customTutorial: duhbe

fortune cookieTutorial: mydiyweddingday

goatTutorial: cathiefilian

at homeTutorial: squidoo

GrassTutorial: soapdelinews

gardenerTutorial: soapqueen

J SoapTutorial: wikihow

oliveTutorial: sierraclub

stoatTutorial: soapqueen

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