Full-Metal Steampunk Animal Sculptures by Igor Verniy

Piles of scrap metal, old chains, nut-screws, silverware, basically anything metal that gets into Igor Verniy hands, sooner or later become a steampunk-creature art-piece. Metal sculptor, Igor, is able to form hyper-realistic poses of various activities of his metallic creations. Birds, butterflies, tiny, but also giant mechanical dogs are also in his repertoire. Almost like Victor Frankenstein, Igor meticulously approaches his work, using a huge number of tiny pieces that and up being movable, adjustable parts so each limb, and the rest of the body move just like the real alive animal would. Until he starts using electricity and parts of the dead animals to bring them back to life, we think we are safe from the full metal zombie apocalypse Igor might bring upon our world. Please be careful mister.

More info: Instagram, Facebook.

via [sortra]

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