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Which Flowers for Which Occasions?

Flowers carry different meanings and this is what makes them truly beautiful. When buying flowers for someone you have to consider whether the arrangement or bouquet you purchase is appropriate for the occasion. After all, red roses are stunning, yet if you give them to your friend for their birthday don’t be surprised if they get the wrong idea! In this post we will take a look which flowers are appropriate for different occasions in order to give you a helping hand…



Valentine’s Day
Let’s start with Valentine’s Day. Red roses are the obvious choice for this occasion. From a single rose to a bouquet full of red roses, they offer the perfect way of saying ‘I love you’. Did you know that 50 red roses represent unconditional love? This is a beautiful way of making a huge gesture. However, not everyone wants to go for the obvious, and thus you may want something different to red roses. Tulips can be a beautiful choice, again with red being the ideal colour for love. They are an elegant flower, representing perfect love. If you want to go for something entirely different orchids are a great option. They represent love and beauty and are associated with exoticness and seduction.


It’s so important to make sure your flowers are appropriate when sending condolences. The last thing you want to do is offend someone without realising. Flowers in mutual and pastel shades are most suitable. Lilies are flowers commonly associated with funerals, especially those in white. Sometimes people like to go for bright flower arrangements to mark a celebration of the person’s life. Vibrant and sunny colours are also sometimes preferred when sent for the death of a child or infant. Nonetheless, if you are unsure how these colours will be received, stick to pastel shades. Wreaths are commonly purchased for the funeral itself. Aside from lilies you may wish to consider gladioli, snapdragons, roses, carnations and chrysanthemums for any type of funeral arrangement.


You have lots of flowers and arrangements to choose from when it comes to buying someone a birthday gift. You can let your creativity and personality shine through. If your friend or family member has a favourite flower it is always a good idea to base the bouquet or arrangement on this. However, if you are unsure you should opt for flowers associated with happiness, cheerfulness, excitement and celebration. Gerbera daisies are a great option. They look beautiful and are available in a whole host of vibrant colours. They also symbolise cheerfulness. Aside from this, any flowers in pink, yellow or orange tend to work well, such as tulips. Pink tulips symbolises friendship and affection, yellow symbolises happiness, whilst orange represents energy and enthusiasm. A mix of the three work perfectly together.


Last but not least we have anniversary flowers. This is made a little bit easier by the fact that there is a flower for each anniversary year. Did you know that the rose, which has been mentioned as the ultimate flower of love, is actually the symbol for a 15th anniversary? Take a look at the different flowers for each anniversary below…

1st Anniversary – Carnations
2nd Anniversary – Lilies of the Valley
3rd Anniversary – Sunflowers
4th Anniversary – Hydrangeas
5th Anniversary – Daises
6th Anniversary – Calla Lilies
7th Anniversary – Freesias
8th Anniversary – Lilacs
9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise
10th Anniversary – Daffodils
20th Anniversary – Asters
25th Anniversary – Irises
30th Anniversary – Lilies
40th Anniversary – Gladioluses
50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violets


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