Soft and Pure Newborn and Family Photography by Natasja Jansen

Natasja Jansen is a maternity, family and newborn photographer based in Assen, The Netherlands. She has two daughters and a little son. As a mother, she thinks time flies and we need to cherish beautiful moments and that’s why she took her camera- to immortalize her family’s memories. After the birth of her youngest daughter, she continued photography as a full-time profession. Her style can be described as pure and soft with a raw edge. She likes capturing spontaneous moments like a look in someone’s eyes, a kiss, a hand on a shoulder or a tear. According to her, capturing those in-between details, athmosphere and emotions makes photography so beautiful. In order to develop her skills, she attends workshops from time to time and after attending Marry Fermont’s workshop on birth photography, she loved to photograph that the most unique and special moment in someone’s life. If you would like to freeze a memory of a special time in your life, you can get in touch with Natasja. Here we showcase some of her brilliant captures including Natasja with her three kids. Enjoy!

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