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What Dresses are Best for Formal Events

If you’re completely clueless on how to get dressed properly for formal events, don’t fret because you’re not alone. Formal attire is such a general and large umbrella description of clothes. The type of formal clothing you might wear to an event will depend largely on the event itself. Many times, invitations will tell you exactly what to wear such as black tie or so, but more often than not they don’t. In this case, it’ll be up to you to determine what dress will be the best to wear for your formal event.


1. White Tie

It isn’t too common to get invited to a white tie event. These are the most formal out of all the formal events we can name, and of course, they’re the most lavish. White Tie attire for men means tailcoats and high-waisted trousers. The equivalent of these for women are elegant evening gowns and ball gowns. As a compliment to gowns, women often wear accessories such as evening gloves, tiaras, and the best jewelry they can wear. If you ever find yourself invited to such an event, enjoy the opportunity to dress like a queen because that’s how you’ll certainly feel.

2. Black Tie

Black tie events typically mean tuxedos for men. It’s a little bit trickier for women, however, since rules keep changing and evolving all the time. As a general rule, black tie often means floor length evening gowns or ball gowns. All black tie affairs happen after 6 pm, so it’s common to wear richer color tones such as blacks, browns, metallic, and jewel tones. The latest trends have also found its way into formalwear. Formal separates are one of the trendiest formal attires combining a dressy top with a floor length formal skirt or even a ball gown skirt. Tea length dresses in darker tones are also acceptable depending on the type of event and location. If the invitation says ‘black tie optional’, you can certainly dress just slightly more casual than if you were to dress for a black tie affair. Knee-length cocktail dresses may be acceptable as well.There are tons of formal dresses out there, and websites such as https://teranicouture.com/collection/banquet-dresses/ can show you just exactly how many dresses you may have as possible options.

3. Formal Attire/Cocktail Optional

If your invitation just reads formal attire, you probably have more leeway with how you can dress. If it’s a daytime event, feel free to wear lighter colors. You can certainly play with the length of your dress. Go for floor length if you feel like it, but you can also wear knee-length cocktail dresses or tea-length dresses. Mid length dresses are often a safe bet if you aren’t sure what to wear. You probably won’t need to go full out ball gown with just a ‘formal attire’ specification. Simple evening gowns are safe, but dress it up if you know you’re going to a fancy event.

4. Other Considerations

To determine the best dress styels for any formal event, you can take a few things into consideration. Think about the season when the event will be happening. Formal events during the winter may call for long sleeves or floor length dresses. You may also see more colorful dresses during the springtime. In the summer, you may be uncomfortable wearing anything with sleeves, depending on where the formal event will be taking place. The time, season, and location of the event should help you determine which type of dress will be best to wear for any formal event. Just don’t forget the most basic and important rule: if you’re going to a wedding, just don’t wear white.

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