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DIY: How To Make A Mason Jar Candle

Who doesn’t like candles? And who doesn’t want to have them in a cheap way? Maybe you aren’t the craftiest person in the world but you still attempt to try one of these and meet the skillful side of you. What’s more they are not only home decoration items but also handmade, versatile gifts for your friends.


Coloured Mason Jar Candlescoloured-mason-jarTutorial: freutcake

Hanging Mason Jar Candleshanging-mason-jarsTutorial: brit

Lavender Candles in a Mason Jarlavender-mason-jarTutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

Remold Your Old Candles in a Mason Jar

remoldmason-jarTutorial: lmichellek

Floating Candles In a Mason Jarfloating-mason-jarTutorial: nestofposies

Wedding Themed Mason Jar Candleswedding-mason-jarTutorial: myownlabels

Glitter Mason Jar Candlesglitter-mason-jarTutorial: allparenting

Spider Themed Mason Jar Candles

spider-mason-jarTutorial: formalfringe

Starlight Mason Jar Candlesstarlight-mason-jarTutorial: ilovetocreate

Jewel Toned Mason Jarsjeweltone-mason-jarTutorial: ellesnewenglandkitchen

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