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Choosing the Colour of Your Cast Iron Radiator

Today’s architectural styles allow homeowners to choose from a number of attractive radiator heating options. Not only can you obtain hand polishing services for cast iron designs, or add an aged look to Victoriana styled heaters, you can select, when choosing the colour of your cast iron radiator, from a large array of metallic paint effects. Colours can be integrated into one of a variety of decors for Art Deco, Bohemian or Viscount radiator designs. Again, your home’s architectural styling as well as decorating scheme must be considered in choosing a radiator colour and design..


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Radiator Materials
Besides cast iron radiators, the stylish house warmers are also available in aluminum and steel. However, when it comes to choosing the colour of your cast iron radiator, the type of paint takes on more significance as you want a shade or tone that looks authentic rather than a colour that merely looks as though it was painted onto the surface. Typically, you cannot go wrong with a neutral shade of white, silver, gold or black. Any of these colours will enhance the antique effect of a Victoriana, Royal or Viscount design when you are in the process of choosing the colour of your cast iron radiator design. One of the particularly popular styles of radiators that is often incorporated into traditional house designs is the Victoriana radiator. So, selecting a colour is often a concern.

Choosing a Colour
However, choosing the colour of your cast iron radiator can be easily made then when you work with a company that features a line of radiators that have been used by English Heritage on a number of projects. Therefore, work with a company that can paint any design of radiator you select in your colour of preference or which can, at least, supply you with a base finish. Victoriana radiators as well as those fashioned in Art Deco, Royal, Viscount or Bohemian designs should be manufactured in accordance with EN442 European standards, all which assures the homeowner that the radiator is made to a consistently high standard and design. Maximum working pressure for a customised radiator should be 6 bar with most standard mountings set up to accommodate floor to wall installations.

If you choose a more modern-styled radiator, such as a Bohemian style, then you can select colours that also follow a Bohemian theme. Therefore, the colours you choose are based on the styling of the heater as well as the main shades and tones that are featured in your decor. So, make the most of customisation by working closely with the radiator company in choosing the colour of your cast iron radiator or steel or aluminum designed heating upgrade.

A Suggested Provider
If you are looking for provider of customized cast iron radiator designs that has a solid reputation in the industry, one suggested UK provider is AEL Heating Solutions. The heating equipment supplier offers traditional and modern-styled radiators in cast iron, aluminum and steel. Because period radiators should restore the original character and decor of an interior, it’s important to choose a UK company that follows installation and painting criteria that meets and exceeds industry standards. For example, popular colours for Art Deco designed radiators can range from silver to neon green or baby blue. Again, match the colour with the theme of the design to add to its authenticity. Form and colour should always follow function when it comes to good design. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that showcases a product line that follows individual requirements with respect to a decorating scheme.

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