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Where You Can Spend Your UK Stag Do

Are you looking for a great UK stag do weekend to give your best friend the time of his life? Do you want a destination somewhere in the UK but can’t quite decide where? Here are some of the top UK locations for stag weekends and what they have to offer.


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This high profile town in Berkshire was made famous in the 19th century by the three B’s: biscuits, bulbs and beer. Since then the town has taken these industries and turned them into an experience your group won’t forget. If you want a good night on the town, then you can enjoy the riverside bar scene that is part of one of the finest shopping experiences in the UK: the Oracle.

The great sporting nature of the town can be experienced on your UK stag do with various activities including indoor karting or show off your skills in a bubble football match. Alternatively, you can take to the range and try some sharpshooting: this activity includes axe throwing and paintballing.

Finally, if you are just looking for a good time at the pub, why not try a GPS Pub Treasure Hunt?


The finest city in Yorkshire plays hosts numerous UK stag do weekend activities. There are several options for those who enjoy football with bubble football and five-a-side available. For those who prefer racing sports there are numerous options including outdoor karting, quad biking and rage buggies. Then there is the ultimate adrenaline rush with bungee jumping.

In the mood for a party? Why not try whisky, vodka or tequila tasting sessions? Or splash out on one weekend of partying with the party weekender package.

If you are looking for a slower pace on your stag weekend, there are plenty of opportunities in Sheffield. Try out a life drawing class or a GPS pub challenge.

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The ‘Athens of the North’ isn’t just home to the only Giant Pandas in the UK. There are many other options for a UK stag do in this northern city. As you would expect to find in a Scottish city, there is whisky tasting; although, if spirits aren’t your favourite tipple you can go beer tasting instead.

Those looking for sports won’t be disappointed in the Scottish capitol. There is the usual quad bike racing, indoor karting, bubble football and five a side football activities. But there

are more extreme activities. The highland games is a great way to take in a little sport while enjoying the rich local culture. Alternatively, you could go cliff jumping or take to the water with hovercrafts or try to stay dry while going white water rafting.

If you are interested in a little relaxing competition on your UK stag do weekend, you could take to the greens and have a golfing weekend or enjoy one of the many shooting experiences available.


If you want to have a weekend that will truly be memorable and you like the high adrenaline activities, then Birmingham should be your city of choice. With extreme dodgems, indoor or off road karting and clay pigeon shooting all popular stag do activities hosted in this city, you won’t leave without some great memories.

If you want to have a more relaxed time on your UK stag do weekend and would like to sample some fine drinks, Birmingham has tequila and whisky drinking available. After this, you can complete your cultured weekend with some life drawing classes. If you want to find out more about any of these locations, then you should contact stag.com for more information.

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