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Why You Should Apply for the Boiler Scheme

What is the boiler scheme?


The Government of UK and other private energy providers in the UK established the boiler scheme, which is an environmental program meant to reduce the amount of carbon emitted by the current boiling systems, as well as to help in reducing heating bills. The government has offered to assist in the replacement of old boilers for low-income earners so that energy conservation can be sustained in the whole of UK. It is offering grants and free boilers to the households in a bid to help reduce the problems of fuel poverty in the country.

Who qualifies for the boiler scheme?

Not everyone living in the UK qualifies for the boiler scheme. He or she must be exposed to any of such benefits as listed below:

* Households owning a boiler with a span of more than 7 years
* Pensioners
* People who rely on income support
* People imposed to child tax credit, and their income is less than £15,861

Benefits of the boiler scheme

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Save family finances

Among the highest beneficiaries of the free boiler replacement scheme, are families. With the new boilers, they are set to save up to £500 annually. This money can be utilised in other family projects that are aimed at increasing the living standards of the people. The new boiler scheme helps people reduce heating bills significantly. The program, therefore, will facilitate the reduction of monetary pressures on many households.

The program also considers the fact that replacement of a boiler is costly, and not all families may afford that. For this reason, it offers free replacement of these boilers, and consequently, relieves the families the financial burden of replacement, which may account for up to £2,300.

Increase the efficiency of boilers

Currently, there are some households in the UK with boilers that are inefficient in terms of heating. They overuse gas, and this increases the heating bills unreasonably. Replacement of such boilers with the modern ones will increase the efficiency of the boilers in a great deal. Additionally, some of the households have never replaced their

boilers seven or more years after purchase. The program aims at aiding the replacement of these boilers, which can become faulty and inefficient any time.

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Ensure sustainable gas energy supply

The government also wants to make sure that the gas available in the country does not reach depletion levels to due wastage by households. This objective is in line with the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), which seeks to reduce the consumption of energy by households in UK. The program will help address the issues of fuel poverty, which have been the prime concern of the government for a long time.

How to apply for the scheme

Those who meet any of the outlined conditions are eligible to apply for the scheme. It has been noted that most of the low-income earning households are not fully familiar with the scheme and the grants that the government offers. For this reason, there is need for awareness among these people in order to ensure that the scheme benefits as many households as possible nationwide.

If you are looking to get the benefits of the boiler grants by the government, get in touch with the companies like Azko Energy for a professional assistance. Such companies claim the grant on your behalf after receiving an application for grant from you.

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