A Brief Guide to Choosing the Best Car Floor Mat for You


If you’re looking for a new car mat, you may be surprised to find out that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. There are actually many different types of floor mats, which are all useful for different types of situations. Floor mats have both a practical and aesthetic purpose, which can both be considered depending on how you use your car. Floor mats, at a practical level, are used to keep the dirt out of your car when you’re driving it, but they can also add to the look and feel of your car. This is especially true if the interior of your car has been designed with a specific look in mind. Buy the correct floor mat and finish this look off, or just make it look out of place.

Paper Floor Mats

Paper floor mats are the most practical of all the options, and generally have a single or limited amount of uses. The main situation when they are useful is if you’re selling a car which doesn’t already have floor mats. This is especially true if you own a garage or car dealership. If there will be many people getting in and out of a car to test it, then you don’t want them dragging in the dirt with them and have to clean it continually. A much simpler solution is to use paper floor mats, which can be replaced after a few uses. This will keep the car clean with minimal effort and saves you from having to buy more expensive mats before the car is sold. You can find a great range of paper floor mats at https://mbrmarketing.com/service-department/floor-mats.

Fabric Floor Mats

After paper mats, fabric floor mats are the cheapest option. These are a step above paper mats and can last for years when treated properly, while still being cost-effective. The bottom of a fabric floor mat will be rubber, which will prevent it from moving around when you’re driving. Cleaning fabric floor mats is also simple, and they can be removed and vacuumed or scrubbed easily. Fabric mats generally come in a single size and can fit in most cars. Also, they are generally in neutral colors, meaning they will go with most cars without looking out of place. They won’t last forever, though, and after a year or two, you may find that the fabric has started to wear away, and you’ll need to replace them.

Rubber Floor Mats

These are a far more durable option than with fabric or paper floor mats and can last for years quite easily. These aren’t the most pleasing to look at but are very practical. They may start to get dirty quite quickly, but can be cleaned very easily with some warm water and elbow grease. You can find cleaning equipment and other car supplies here if you need them.

Vinyl Floor Mats

If you expect your mats to take a beating, then these are a great choice. Vinyl mats are made for any weather, and have raised edges to catch all of the wet and dirt that may come off your shoes to keep your car as clean as possible.

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