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5 Tips for Creating an Enchanting Reading Nook with an Area Rug

A cozy reading nook can be the ideal space to unwind with a book, but a room can often feel unwelcoming if it has hardwood or tile floors. While this type of flooring can be uncomfortable to walk on, fixing it can be as easy as laying out a large area rug. In order for an area rug to flatter the reading nook, the buyer will need to look for rugs that are appropriate for the room. The following five tips can help any individual find a rug that looks ideal once laid out in a reading nook.



Take Measurements

One of the most common mistakes many people make when buying a rug is not measuring out how much space they have first. A rug can quickly overwhelm a room if it’s too large or make a room look sparse if it’s small. Taking measurements before beginning to shop can help an individual find a rug that will help anchor the space without any problems.

Choose a Style and Stick to It

When shopping for rugs, most people will find a large selection that varies greatly in styles. From bright colors and busy patterns to neutral palettes, there are so many choices available for area rugs that can look great in a reading nook. Considering the other colors of furniture and decorations in the room can help an individual find a rug that will fit in nicely.

Consider Layering Rugs

Many people have a vision of a cozy reading nook that is easy to relax in for hours while they delve into a book For this reason, it’s a good idea to look into buying several rugs that can be stacked upon once another or tucked underneath another. This layering effect can create a quirky style that looks great in reading rooms. When stacking, an individual should make sure that the rugs fit properly into the space and that the finished result doesn’t look too crowded.


Pick the Right Shape

Ovals, rectangles, squares, and so on are all popular choices for rugs, making it easy to find whatever is best for the room. Typically, an individual would want to select a rug that matches the shape of the room for the best fit, but it’s really up to the individual to choose a rug that looks best. Reading rooms can benefit greatly from unique shapes since they can help add character to the room.

Look Into the Ease of Cleaning

From wool to shag, the assortment of materials makes it difficult to figure out what would work best in the room. While it may be tempting for an in individual to shop with only appearances in mind, it’s helpful to consider how difficult or easy a particular rug will be to clean. Although some styles can be cleaned with just vacuuming and cleaning solution designed for carpets, others may require more extreme measures such as professional cleaning services. In order for the rug to stay clean as time goes by, it’s best for them to keep in mind their lifestyle and how easily they’ll be able to keep a rug clean. Purchasing a rug from a reputed seller like The Rug Seller Ltd can be the best way to finish off the space, but it’s important to look into the various styles and the shapes that are available. From rugs that are large in scale to smaller styles that work for tiny reading nooks, it’s best to stay open about the choices for sale so that the finished room looks beautiful and is inviting to read in.

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