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14 Easy to Make Bookmark Tutorials

Today we come up with another quick and easy craft to share with you. If you are a book-addict and would love to make your own bookmarks, this article will surely please you. As bookworms, we never have enough of them, although we have at least one in almost every book we have. If this is also your case, scroll down to check the tutorials we selected for you and don’t wait to get into the work to have these cute handmade bookmarks.


beadedTutorial: oneartsymama

birdTutorial: 3lambsstudio

bookmark funTutorial: craftandfun

cartTutorial: instructables

elasticTutorial: makeit-loveit

kusudamaTutorial: angsandy

lukutoukalleTutorial: projektila

moustacheTutorial: onelmon

leafTutorial: onelmon

roseTutorial: instructables

kimonoTutorial: cutoutandkeep

froggyTutorial: chustephanieyu

no slipTutorial: maryjanesandgaloshes

teacupTutorial: genuinemudpie

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