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10 Unusual Uses for Nail Polish

Besides beautifying your fingernails, there are more unusual strategies where one can make use of a nail polish. If you want to learn how to use nail polish for different purposes continue reading this article as we will present you 10 best of them:


You can use different nail polish colors to refashion your jewelry.
capture jewelryPhoto Credit: capturefashion

Colour-code your keys.
colour codePhoto Credit: jewelpie

Coat the part of your earrings that touches your skin with a clear nail polish to stop allergic reaction.
jewelry allergyPhoto Credit: aliexpress

You can use nail polish to thread needles.

needlePhoto Credit: lavishbeauty

Liquid bandaid.
scratch01Photo Credit: muastore

Keep shoe laces from unraveling.
shoe lacePhoto Credit: styleite

Prevent fake jewelry from tarnishing.
fake jewelryPhoto Credit: nayabloves

Can’t find the glue? Try nail polish. It works perfect with sealing envelopes.

sealPhoto Credit: lifehacker

Stop runs in your stockings by dabbing polish at both ends.
stockingsPhoto Credit: ongleterre

Apply clear nail polish to metals that are vulnerable to rusting.
rust stainPhoto Credit: todayshomeowner

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