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How to Pose So You Look Your Best in Pictures

So you got together with your girlfriends for a picture in the photo booth, but just when the camera flashed you blinked, or just when the pictures popped out you realised you must have put on your extra chin for the evening. Or perhaps you brought your old friend, bingo wing along for the ride and TOTALLY forgot that they were there. But you’ve just been reminded in the best possible way! With a permanent reminder through photography! Yay. Well, it happens sometimes. We don’t always look our best. And you know how some people just magically manage to look amazing, no matter what the medium for the camera, or even when they’re pulling an ‘ugly’ face (yeah right). Well, this is a quick and dirty guide to helping you to look your best, no matter when or where your picture is being taken. So without further ado, here are FIVE amazing top tips for looking your best.


Oh, and a quick tip – give these a good old practice in front of the mirror before you execute them in public, that way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. A handy tip is to actually get a really good friend to take some picture of you while you practice the poses, and maybe you can help each other to pose together so that you’re both red-carpet ready! If you give each other the guidance and coaching that you need to make sure you’re ready, then it will be easier to make sure you’re keeping each other honest with your poses when the crunch time comes!

Tip One: Sideways is your friend

You know how those celebrities always seem like they’re side on and on the right side of the camera? That’s because they are. The secret to this one is giving the camera as little of you as possible to capture, while giving your silhouette the best possible advantage. The trick here is simple: turn sideways to the camera, but just partially, and place one foot in front of the other. Channel your inner ballerina here and try to be as slender and graceful as possible. Point your front toe to the camera and put your weight on your back foot. Then, shoulders back and give them your most mysterious smile.

The key components of this pose are: Shoulders back, legs firmly planted with one foot in front of the other, and focus on making sure you look as natural as possible.


Tip Two: It’s all in your head

If you pull your head forward slightly in pictures you’ll minimise the probability of a double chin appearing out of nowhere. The tip here is to not make yourself look like a swan exactly, but to keep you neck as elegant and streamlined as possible. That way you’ll just look ethereal and graceful, and not like you’ve dislocated your head and are trying to realign it.

The key components of this pose are: Making sure your neck is elegant and swan like, and graceful as can be. You don’t want to look possessed, and you just want to get rid of your double chin (not that you ever had one, really, darling).


Tip Three: Wing it

For god’s sake, the dreaded bingo wing has no place in modern society. So why does it keep popping up in your pictures? It’s a stupid curse (thanks mum) but thankfully there’s a way to beat it. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s simple really… Hold your arms slightly away from your body and voila! You have beaten the dreaded arm flab! Well, not exactly… You need a couple more pointers yet! Tune in for part two of how to look your best in front of the camera!


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