Levitation Blends With Surrealism through Christopher James’s Lens

Hawaii-based Christopher James is a travel and portrait photographer who is well-known for his levitation shoots. We have seen many photography specializetions over years but blending levitation with surrealism is something very new and rare, that’s what makes Christopher’s portfolio interesting for us. His captures swings between real and unreal with a touch of surrealism. The images are so real that you might think that the model fell down the cliff afterwards, as he explains in one of his interviews; “I have always been obsessed with mild surrealness, not things that are impossible, but things that are implausible, especially things like people leaning off of cliffs. It’s not so unreal that people write it off as fake, and it’s not real enough to be uninteresting. It’s kind of in that sweet spot that it becomes a conversation piece. One of my favorite photos is not even involving a huge cliff, it’s a girl on a dock over a small pond. People reached out and would say, “wow, it must have taken so much work to get the one shot and she must’ve been soaking wet afterward,” but the reality is that she was harnessed in. The narrative was so obvious to people that she fell in, that it worked; that misdirection and surrealness really played out.” If you are interested in different kinds of photography, especially surrealistic images, you must see Christopher’s mind-blowing photos.

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