How to Craft the Best Golf Look

It’s a consensus that golf is one of the least stylish sports. Usually, a piece of pants on a Polo shirt is excellent wear, but it doesn’t express modern sportswear.

Recently, stylists are introducing a new brand of golf wears. Loro Pianah, J. Lindeberg, and Galvin Green have been spearheading the crusade by making use of weatherproof materials and designs that allow for free movement.

With the likes of Nike and Adidas consistently producing footwear that enters comfortably on a golfer’s feet, it is no gainsaying to say that golf players can match a stylish attire with a sleek golf course such as Algarve golf holidays. Here is some golfing wardrobe that keeps you looking stylish on and off the golf course.


No other sports fancy the use of caps than golf. Professional golfers wear hats to protect themselves and their vision from the sun.

It is necessary for a golfer to perfectly see his target, aiding them to take a perfect shot. It comes in different colors to suit a stylish outing.

Polo Shirt

The polo shirt comes in many shapes, aiding mobility and allowing you to express your personality. Most of the leading brands are now incorporating the use of temperature regulating and moisture control fabrics.

Golfers can now look modern and stylish with slimmer fits choices available or classics for people who love tradition.


Golf trousers are the required professional attire that ensures that golfers look stylish and smart on the turf. While pants made of cotton provide more comfort and breathability, the synthetic or polyester mix golfing trouser is durable, breathable, and rarely wrinkle.


The right pair of golf shoes will provide you with better comfort, stability, and traction. Shoes with metal spikes used to be standard; however, with the evolvement of technology, nonmetal spikes have become the ideal footwear.

Cleated golf shoes are no more restricted to traditional colors. There are a lot of colorful and distinctive options. So, pick a style that suits your personality.

Other Dress Accessories for Men

For a complete stylish day on the course, you can also add the following dress accessories to suit your personality.

Pullover Sweaters

Although rain is hardly any issue on a golf day, it is still a better idea to have a comfortable pullover Sweaters specially designed for golf.


Golf umbrellas are standard accessories every golfer should have in his kitbag.


When you are on the course under the sun, it is more comfortable to wear a pair of shorts.


A pair of socks specifically made for playing golf is advisable. They are helpful in wicking moisture and also aid movements.


Make sure to match the base color of the belt to your pants, avoid clashing it with your shoes.


Since the beginning of the sport, golf attire brands have continually designed attires with the golfers in mind. It is essential to also bear in mind that the functionality of attire comes first. Most golf courses stipulate more formal and standard apparel than other sports. It is for this reason a golfer should be able to blend style with functionality.

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