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Easy and Warm Baby Blanket Tutorials

Counting down for your baby or just preparing a baby gift set for your close friend, a baby blanket is a good option to be considered for. From beginner to advanced there are many tutorials all floating over the blogosphere. If it is your first step into diy world then you can start with an easy no-sew blanket project with a piece of fleece like the one in the first photo. But if you are capable of making more complex ones and have lots of leftover fabric at home then patchwork can be your type. Shortly, crafting is only limited with your imagination and the options are endless. Here are some practical tutorials that you can use as a template to create your own artwork.


no sew1Tutorial: amicibello

easy baby1Tutorial: odetoinspiration

granny1Tutorial: thegreendragonfly

heirloomTutorial: aestheticnest

lets chevron1Tutorial: letsbeselfsufficient

patchwork1Tutorial: textiletrolley

quick1Tutorial: thedixiechicken

rag quiltTutorial: doityourselfdivas

ricracTutorial: sewmuchado

chenilleTutorial: beautifullycontained

beginnersTutorial: prudentbaby

gift setTutorial: juicy-bits

chevronTutorial: knittingnonstop

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