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DIY Projects with Old Books

I’m a real vintage nut! Whenever I see an antique store or flea market, I find myself inside of it, looking especially for old books and keys. Don’t regard old books for reading only, they also make great DIY items. Yes, I am talking about destroying them a little but it is OK as long as you achieve one of those brilliant pieces in the end. Imagine having a unique handbag by just removing the pages of a book that has a vintage cover and adding handles… Voila! Your bag is ready. You see it is a piece of cake. Here are some projects that you can make with old books whenever you have an itch to craft.


diy-old-book06Tutorial: rockmosaic

diy-old-book02Tutorial: refabdiaries

diy-old-book03Tutorial: creationsbykara

diy-old-book05Tutorial: craftsunleashed

diy-old-book01Tutorial: caughtonawhim

diy-old-book09Tutorial: morningcreativity

diy-old-book10Tutorial: morningcreativity

diy-old-book11Tutorial: refabdiaries

diy-old-book04Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

diy-old-book12Tutorial: craftandcreativity

diy-old-book08Tutorial: prettyhandygirl

diy-old-book07Tutorial: craftaphile

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