Crafty DIY Pallet Projects

I bet many of you would regard a shipping pallet as a useless item. But if you are among the ones who prefer creativity rather than luxury, and also fond of repurposing projects then you will probably know a pallet is not just a pallet. They can be crafted into any furniture piece according to your needs. For example, they can easily be turned into a coffee table, a stylish cabinet of bookcase or a sofa not with a magic stick but some crafts skills. So what you can do with a pallet is limited just with your imagination. We know making such a project is not a piece of cake, but that’s why tutorials are for. We picked some of the best ideas with their instructions to help you.

Rustic Coffee Table
diy-rustic-pallet-coffee-tableTutorial: thewonderforest

Buffet Caddy
diy-pallet-buffet-caddyTutorial: createcraftlove

Outdoor Patio Furniture
diy-pallet-patio-furnitureTutorial: sassy-sparrow

diy-pallet-headboardTutorial: ricedesignblog

Living Wall
diy-pallet-living-wallTutorial: beersnbeans

diy-pallet-sofaTutorial: skonahem

diy-pallet-tableTutorial: annaevers

Dog Bed
diy-dog-bedTutorial: camillestyles

Mini Sign
diy-mini-pallet-signTutorial: lollyjane

Folding Desk
diy-folding-pallet-deskTutorial: thistlewoodfarms

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