Crafty Bags From Old Clothes

Old clothes and accesories can be given new life by easily upcycling them into awesome bags with a little inspiration. Here is our selection of some creative examples. Enjoy!
bags from old clothes

DIY pants bag

bags from old clothes03

upcycle jeans bag

bags from old clothes04
Necktie Hobo Bag Purse
Necktie Hobo Bag  Purse - recycled

bags from old clothes02
Hoodie Duffel Bag
Hoodie Duffel Bag...recycle that old Hoodie How Cute
Sweatshirt recycled Bags
Sweatshirt recycled Bags athletic bag
Recycle Cargo Pants to a Messenger Bag
Recycle Cargo Pants to a Messenger Bag
Beach-Towel Tote Bag
Beach-Towel Tote Bag

bags from old clothes01
Wooven recycled denim tote bag
Wooven Recycled denim tote bag tutorial

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