3 Things to Know When Moving from California to Colorado

Life in Pleasanton, CA in Vintage luxury apartments is a great experience even if it’s pricier than many places in the US. Take relocating from California to Colorado as an example. Living in Denver luxury apartments for an ideal living space downtown should make for a more affordable housing solution.

Case in point: according to Bestplaces.com, the median home price in Pleasanton is $1,211,800 compared to $421,900 in Denver. Groceries, health, housing, and utilities are all more affordable in the Mile High City. Denver only beat Pleasanton in one category, transportation expenses, where it’s more costly than its California counterpart.

As you can imagine, moving from California to Colorado is definitely going to present its challenges. In particular, the people in Colorado might not be exactly what you’re used to. The places are going to seem unfamiliar as you get to know the new setting. And other things might be on your mind about your exciting adventure and your wonderful new place to live.

With that said, we’ll share a few key things to know when moving from California to Colorado. This will help you better understand your new home and get a better feel for the overall setting and the way life is lived in your new community.

1. The People in Colorado Are Very Active

Now that you’ve taken the time to find the best apartment for you, you may also want to know that you are moving into a very active community. The good people in Colorado do not like to sit around all day doing nothing, that’s for sure.

As an example, Coloradans are famous for spending time outdoors enjoying outdoor activities. Some of the more popular things to do in this exciting community include fishing, rafting, hot air ballooning, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, wildlife watching, hiking, rock climbing, and so much more.

So, if you also enjoy spending time outdoors you’ll have no problem finding companions for your epic adventures. In fact, current statistics say that Coloradans have the lowest obesity rates in the United States. Their life expectancy is much longer than other areas as well, so it’s definitely a good place to live.

2. Experience Moderate Weather Year-Round

The beauty of living in Colorado is the gorgeous weather all year round. For the most part, depending on location and elevation, you’ll typically enjoy the weather with mild humidity and comfortable temperatures no matter what time of year it happens to be.

As an example, living in the Eastern region of Colorado means you get to enjoy hot summer temperatures and rolling plains. This is very similar to the temperatures you’ll experience during the summer in Nebraska and Kansas. But on the flip side, Colorado also gets about 68 inches of snow on average each year, but the weather still remains gorgeous all the time.

So if you like plenty of snow but also beautiful weather, you’ll absolutely love moving to Colorado. It’s a wonderful place to live and it’s filled with plenty of magnificent opportunities for all to enjoy.

3. Job Opportunities Are Abundant in Colorado

If you happen to be ambitious and want to get ahead in life, you’ll absolutely love living in Colorado because there are so many remarkable job opportunities to be had. In fact, the startup culture and business climate in Colorado are outstanding. This is why the state is currently booming right now and considered one of the best places to start a brand-new company.

So, if you’re looking for a career in math, engineering, tech, science, aerospace, or healthcare, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in this prosperous state. The incomes are incredibly high in Colorado as well, and the flat state tax of 4.63% means property taxes remain very low.

Final Thoughts

Moving from California to Colorado is definitely a good idea if you’re up for a new adventure. It’s an exciting state where marijuana is legal, job opportunities are plentiful, the weather is amazing, it’s the highest elevated state in the union, and it’s filled with active, young, educated people. How could you go wrong moving to Colorado? You can’t as long as you’re looking for an exciting life filled with adventure, opportunity, and friendship.

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