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Save Big, Craft More: DIY Necklace Ideas

When it comes to accesories, we never have enough. But unfortunately, they can be expensive and the only way to overcome this problem is DIY projects. Thanks to all the creative bloggers out there, we can share the most stylish and budget-friendly jewelry craft tutorials with you. So get the supplies you need and start DIYing.


Beaded Fringe Necklacebeaded-fringe-necklaceTutorial: owlswakeup

Pearl Ribbon Necklacepearl-ribbon-necklaceTutorial: carryon-carryon

Strawberry Necklacestrawberry-necklaceTutorial: quietlioncreations

Jcrew Inspired Necklace

jcrew-inspired-necklaceTutorial: owlswakeup

Golden Geometric NecklaceGolden Geometric NecklaceTutorial: sincerelykinsey

Heart Necklaceheart-necklaceTutorial: makezine

Chunky Braid Necklacechunky-braid-necklaceTutorial: brit

Pearl Ribbon Necklace

pearl-ribbon-necklace-cartTutorial: blogalacart

Breaded Bead Necklacebreaded-bead-necklaceTutorial: thehappierhomemaker

Line Necklaceline-necklaceTutorial: quietlioncreations

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