Hidden Underground Wonders by Mark O’Neill

“Spending a Friday night in a sewer may not be to everybody’s tastes, for obvious reasons,” wrote Mark O’Neill. Photographer of this photo collection continued: “To a photographer, however, the wonders that lay beneath the ground can offer unique environments that are both fun to explore and incredible subjects to light.” Mark doesn’t just roam to take pictures, he learns about the history of each place, even enhancing the fascination for long forgotten and hidden places. “At the time when these structures become obsolete, it isn’t practical to demolish and replace them, like their cousins on the surface. They are often capped off and left for the next generation to deal with, becoming the tombs of the ideas and technologies that formed them.” Mark is still being very cautious about this kind of photography or even exploration for fun, saying: “Don’t attempt to enter any holes in the ground without being aware of the dangers.” With that being said, dig in into the world unseen, through the wondrous and eye-opening photo collection by Mark O’Neill.

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