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The Best Computers for Video Editing


Video editing has become common in the modern era, not only in the filming and advertising industry, but also for personal use. Almost every computer out there is equipped with tools that allow for successful editing. However, if video editing is the order of the day, you will need a computer with superior specs in terms of the processing power, storage, internal memory, and graphics. For example, using a PC with a 4GB RAM or below for video editing might not be such a good idea as the system can crash in the middle of the editing process.

If you want to edit videos in bulk, then you will need a PC that has at least 8GB RAM to get started. Your computer should have a multi-core processor to better run multiple programs. For storage, you can buy an external hard drive to compensate your internal storage space. However, video editing experts from Astudio.ae suggest having an all-inclusive computer for your editing process. They picked the following list of computers worth considering:

iMac Pro
If you are looking for high quality, speed and performance in video editing, then you will not go wrong with the iMac Pro. It has top specs when it comes to graphics, memory, storage, and processors. It comes with at least 32GB RAM, 8-core processor, 1TB storage, and 8GB graphics card. It has a processor speed of up to 4.5GHz for fast processing. The 1TB storage gives you an edge to store multiple large size videos without the need to buy an external hard drive. However, powerful specs come at a hefty price as iMac Pro can be quite expensive for an agency on a budget.

Dell XPS 27
It has a processing speed of up to 3.4GHz and a Core i7 processor. With a storage of 1TB, which can be upgraded to 2TB, you have a lot of space on your hands. The internal memory is at least 8GB, which can go up to 32GB. Although expensive, it is more affordable than the iMac Pro. It has an amazing display screen, powerful speakers and graphics for effective video processing.

It comes with an internal storage of 1TB. The RAM stands at 8GB which helps to run multiple programs without the computer crashing. It has a 2GB RAM for the graphics card that is superior to most modern computers. Since it is compatible with the Windows 10 (64-bit) operating system, you can choose a video editing software that goes well with this OS, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Apple iMac
The visual display on this computer has a modern touch to it. It has a 21.5-inch screen with 4K Retina. In terms of quality display, this computer beats all. It has an intel core i7 processor with a RAM of 8GB but upgradable up to 32GB plus up to 3TB hard drive. The best thing about Apple iMac is that it is readily affordable for a computer with such powerful specifications.

Even though smartphones and laptops have the ability to produce quality video edits, computers offer a better platform if you have fixed location. Finding the best computer will help you to be productive as a film and footage editor.

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