Some Tips To Help You Have The Best Autumn Wedding

Leaning Into The Season

There are a lot of good reasons to have a wedding in the autumn. The heat has just broken, but the cool isn’t so frigid that an outdoor affair is out of the question. People don’t tend to travel or have vacations in the Autumn. They wait till around Thanksgiving.

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If you have a wedding take place between the beginning of October and a few days before Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance you can do more with less money. You might be able to reserve larger venues more cheaply, and the same goes for catering, entertainment, or officiants.

Additionally, there’s a thematic beauty to an autumn wedding and potential for a mildly “endless” summer. If it were possible, what makes the most sense immediately after a man and woman become husband and wife would be a globe-spanning year-long honeymoon. This sounds like too much time to be reasonable, but it’s really not.

Ancient Traditions

Did you know in ancient Israel, this was the practice of the people? The groom would come and formally establish betrothal a year in advance. He would go and build his house for his wife and family to be. He would return at the appointed time, marry the woman, and they would take a year from traditional life rhythms to learn one another intimately and establish a new system of patterns.

Well, it may not be easy to spend a whole year on the honeymoon, but what you could do is plan an extended honeymoon transcending the winter. If you get married in the middle of November, and plot out your honeymoon through the end of the year, moving to a warm climate at the beginning of the next, it’s just possible you can skip the winter. What a way to start a marriage!

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Conversely, you could lean into the winter. Some couples love the snow. If a wedding takes place anywhere north of San Francisco on a line of geography stretching east, there’s probably going to be a few snow showers starting about the middle of October. If you’re in Minnesota or Wyoming or Montana, the snow tends to come by Halloween and stay till spring.

An autumn wedding could also be an initiating event into a honeymoon through the snow. It all depends on what you’re interested in. But regardless, as you plan the event itself, you’ll want to incorporate varying autumn elements into décor and wardrobe. Certain designs look better and feel better given the time of year.

Have The Best Possible Wedding

Whether you’re having a wedding in autumn, summer, winter, or spring, there are dress options to match the season. Autumnal patterns and décor have their own particular “spirit”. There’s a sweet melancholy sadness mingled with a strange kind of anticipation for the encroaching holiday season. This is reflected in colors and motifs. Check out this website for some ideas

Altogether, there are a lot of good reasons to get married in the autumn, and many places to host such events. There’s also much to think about as you put things together. Try to consider all the angles in advance, and if you can, book things like venues or honeymoon destinations at least nine months out.

You can do things at the last minute, but that opens you up to Factor X, and there will be enough unexpected things at a properly-planned event; much less one off-the-cuff. Marriage is profound, it changes everything. Find the right honeymoon destination.

Choose the time of year that best fits you and your spouse. Plan the affair in advance, booking entertainment like DJs or catering as far in advance as you can. Whatever season you’re in, lean into it. You want to enjoy and remember this event as much as possible.

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