Solutions For Small Spaces

From smart organizing solutions to magical tricks, learn how to make the most of your small-space situation with our 5 creative design ideas.

#1 Mirrors – For Optical Space Enlargement. With a successful mirror placement, you can make your room appear larger.



#2 Choose space-saving furniture. If you have limited space, select home furniture that is compact and makes the room look spacious like folding beds, expanding tables, multi-purpose pieces.



#3 Use Above the Door Organizers for Extra Space. Keep your place organized with hangers and shelves for everything.



#4 Split a room in half with a room divider.
If you are trying to do more with less, using a storage system as room divider can be a great solution for demarcating separate spaces for any purpose.

Split a room in half with an oversize bookcase

#5 Redesign your full-size furniture. Cut your bedside table in half for a fun, quirky but chic look. We love the hot pink.

bedside-table01         via (hgtv)

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