Origami Page Corner Bookmarks

We searched for several ways to make unique corner bookmarks so that you may take your pick:

#1 Kitten Origami Bookmarkbookmark-origami-kittenvia (howaboutorange)

#2 Heart Shaped Origami Bookmarkbook-mark-origami-heart01

book-mark-roigami-heartvia (thecheesethief)

#3 Bunny Origami Bookmarkbook-mark-origami-bunny            via(thatswhatwesaid)

#4 Origami Bookmark with a Greeting Cardbook-mark-origami-greeting card01
book-mark-origami-greeting card                 via (hollyrocksjewelry)

#5 Monster Origami Bookmark – All you need is an envelope!book-mark-origami-monster                         via (tallystreasury)

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