Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer of 2020

Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer of 2020

Fashion trends change like the weather, and what might have been ‘in’ a couple of years ago, could be most definitely ‘out’ in a very short time. While some trends quickly come and go, there are others that seem to be timeless, and with that in mind, here are a few men’s fashion trends to look out for in the coming spring and summer of 2020.

  • Cross Body Bags – Expect to see a few of these on the Paris and New York catwalks in the coming spring collections, and they can be worn long, hanging from one shoulder, or a shorter strap that places the bag across the chest in a bandolier style. Brands like Gucci have some great shoulder bag designs that can be adapted in this way, plus they are extremely functional and you’ll have no problems with pickpockets.


  • Cuban Collar Shirts – Those wide collars that are ironed flat to the shirt are definitely in this coming year, with flowery, Hawaiian style loose shirts in bright colours. This stylish short sleeve shirt is ideal for summer wear and can be worn with Bermuda shorts or simply casual long pants, so make sure you order a few Cuban collar shirts for early next year.


  • Flares – They say every fashion trend eventually does a complete circle, and the 1970s flared trousers have come around again. Word on the street is the flare will not be as prominent as it was 50 years ago, yet there will be a definite move to wider trousers at the ankles. If you travel abroad a lot, visit Narry Tailor who is the best tailor in Bangkok and have them make you half a dozen pairs of flared trousers, plus a few Cuban collar shirts, and you will save quite a lot.


  • Below the Knee Shorts – Baggy and very bright, over the knee shorts will be everywhere in the spring of next year, and with a Cuban collar shirt and a stylish cross body bag, the casual look is complete. Bright coloured trainers also complement this outfit, with some snazzy ankle socks, and if you have the shorts made by an expert tailor, you can ask for deep pockets, plus a couple of small zip pockets for keeping valuables.


  • Loose Fitting Suits – For a relaxed, casual look, a loose-fitting suit that is double breasted is the ideal outfit for next spring and summer. Avoid wearing a collared shirt, rather opt for a white T-Shirt or a thin sweater, and for footwear, you can choose a pair of sandals or sneakers to complete the smart but casual look. Pastel colours are in vogue for men, and if you are traveling to Thailand anytime soon, pay an established Bangkok tailor a visit and he can cut you a couple of ideal casual suits, and with very low prices, you might as well have them make you a few shirts and some shorts while you are there.

All of the above will be visible in the fashion magazines and on the catwalks in the coming spring, so you can be ready with a stylish wardrobe that really makes a statement.


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