How to Hone Your Essay-Writing Skills?

Essay writing can be a daunting task but if you have the right skills then you will end up writing an effective essay and impress your readers. Here are some of the tips on how to hone your essay writing skills.

1. Understand the Essay

You should understand your essay topic properly before writing the whole thing. It can be irritating spending time and efforts in researching missing the main question. Analyze, think and discuss the information you need to present the argument for or against an issue. If you truly understand the topic and research it, it will be very easy for you to write a decent essay.

2. Make an Outline

Before writing an essay you should know what you want to convey through your words. The best way to narrow down a thesis and create supportive arguments is making a basic outline. The basic structure of the essay is an introduction along with a thesis, a body of the essay and a concluding paragraph. It is suggested to include at least three solid points to your essay to support the thesis statement. You can plan your essay to arrange your ideas in a logical manner. If you’re facing the problem in writing an essay then you can order saying – write my essay for me free online. There are many people ready to help and guide you in the right direction.

3. Development of Your Thesis

Thesis Statement is the roadmap of your essay which is the claim you’re making and trying to prove through your writing. All the other paragraphs you write revolve around this thesis statement. A thesis statement is generally one or two sentences written after an introductory paragraph which explain what the topic is all about. An examiner will evaluate your essay to see how well you have written the supporting arguments based on the thesis.

4. Understand the Argument

Your argument should be evaluated using thorough research and supporting facts. The main aim is to create a thesis statement by performing a deep research. Everything you are using to support your ideas should have a relevant connection to the thesis. One question you should keep in mind is that whether you have the evidence to support the thesis or not. If the answer to this is negative then you have to think of some other thesis.

5. Writing a Compelling Conclusion

Most people overlook the conclusion but it is an important part of writing an essay. The conclusion shouldn’t be the restatement of the introduction and copy of the thesis itself. The proper way to write a conclusion is discussing a thesis in the body and supporting statements to prove the research. There are many writers that write great essays but present a weak conclusion. Remember if you want to make an impact on the examiner, you have to write the killer conclusion.

6. Proofreading

Not only your ideas matter in an essay, but your language, too. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, style are all making a big important combination for assessing your work. You need to make sure that your grammar is correct including subject-verb agreement, well-structured sentences, use of pronouns, and proper usage of articles. Be careful in using punctuation marks and difficult idioms.

Remember give preference to the active voice in your essay over the passive voice. This provides the proper tone to your work. Try to use the concise language for the right understanding by the readers. Try not to use very big and complicated sentences unless it’s required. You should read your work at least 2-3 times to fix the errors. Better read it right after writing, and then once more in some time.

These were some of the effective tips to hone your essay writing skills. Follow them and you will definitely score good grades in school or college.

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