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Difference Between Tempurpedic and Memory Foam Mattresses

Purchasing a new mattress is never an easy process, but finding the best option is an essential investment for your sleeping health. Memory foam mattresses in particular have become an increasingly popular option in recent years due to their greater comfort and durability over traditional innerspring ones. Not all mattresses are made equally, though, with cheaper options often leading to great long-term costs for sleep and sleeper alike. However, the greater density and durability of Tempur mattresses merits a greater investment.


Memorable Mattresses

Traditionally, mattresses have been made from metal coils covered with layers of padding and other fabric that can create uncomfortable issues with noise, comfort, and otherwise. In contrast, memory foam is created from polyurethane foam and delivers several advantages, including the following.

  • Memory foam reacts and conforms to the body’s contours.
  • It quiets and isolates movement to ensure peaceful slumber.
  • Memory foam mattresses provide back support by keeping the spine properly aligned.
  • That stability eases joint pressure and improves quality of sleep.

Each of these qualities has led to owners of such models having generally mattress higher satisfaction ratings. Before choosing such a mattress, though, it’s important to recognise the disadvantages of such models.

The Dangers of Foam

While owners generally have higher owner satisfaction ratings with memory foam mattresses, the high cost for that comfort can be a problem. In addition, many models are created of lower quality foam that will degrade more quickly, with sagging and increasing pliability becoming issues over time. Others combine foam and innerspring mattresses, but the layer of foam may be as little as one inch and so provide no significant benefits. All memory foam mattresses have issues with heat transfer; they may thus become pliable in high heat and humidity while growing stiff and uncomfortable with colder temperatures. Furthermore, they can pose a danger for young children and infants, who may find it hard enough to move around that they may even suffocate. Low-cost mattresses in particular use less dense foam and are thus more likely to have a shorter life span.

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A Good Tempur

Yet, Tempur-Pedic stands out for offering strong solutions to many of these disadvantages. While this company was the first to produce memory foam mattresses, it remains one of the most well-respected on the market to this day. Their prices are generally a bit higher in recognition of the greater quality of Tempur mattresses, including the following benefits.

  • Denser materials means less fluctuation in temperature and firmness.
  • Solid, high-density materials ensure continued shaping of the mattress to your body’s contours.
  • SmartClimate and Tempur-Breeze cooling technology address the heat generation issue.
  • Last, they work to minimise gas off from mattresses with a proprietary foam processing method.

Fundamentally, Tempur mattresses thus rely upon higher quality materials in ensuring that sleepers can get the most out of a night’s rest. That same technology gives Tempur-Pedic the confidence to offer a 90 day home trial and 10 year warranty for individual customers for trying out their products.

Although you cannot put a price on a good night’s sleep, you can calculate the benefits of investing in your sleeping health by comparing the options available to you. In this case, Tempur-Pedic beds practically guarantee a great night’s sleep, and the range of Original, Cloud, and Sensation collections ensures that there is an option available just for you. Contact Booths Furniture today to try out different kinds of memory foam mattresses and so ensure that you make the best investment possible.



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